Specialized upgrades in Trionic 7

Some of the available information in the OpenSID

Engine modes:
- In some software versions it's possible to change engine mode between: E (Economic), N(Normal) and S (Sport).
- I don't use those versions in my maps, because their are erratic. Their behaviour changes from car to car.
- The other reason is that those modes only change the way the accelerator pedal reacts, it doesn't change the maximum output of the engine.

Hot to use OpenSid:
- To enter or exit OpenSID, just press simultaneously the keys "+" and "-" or "up" and "down".
- Use the same keys to scrool through the informations.
- Pressing the SET key, the top value on the SID stays always there, only changing the lower option.

- Not all the informations shown here are available on 9-5 before the year 2000.
- In model before the year 2000, it's necessary to press the brake pedal while pressing the SID keys to enter the OpenSID mode.
Data values available:
mReqRequested AirmassThis value divided by 3.1, gives a aproximate value of the torque (Nm)
mAirMeasured AirmassThis value divided by 3.1, gives a aproximate value of the torque (Nm)
AmulLong Term fuel adaptation (0,01%)This value should be around -500 and 500. (-5% and +5%)
AaddShort Term fuel adaptation
PdifTurbo pressure (mBar)The same as Pbef-Pair
PbefPressure at the intake manifold (mBar)
PairAthmospheric pressure (mBar)
PengCalculated engine power (cv)
nErrNumber of errors on the ECU
FcodLast error registered in the ECUHexa
In.xThrottle Position (in %)
MissMissfires detected
KnkDKnock detected (knock)
LIMPLIMP modeIt's necessary to check the source of the problem and reset the throttle body
Akw1Knock sensibilityA value above 40 is recommended.
Akw2Knock sensibilityA value above 40 is recommended.
DICaStatus code from the DI Cassete
DispWideband values, when connected to PIN16 of the ECUAFR measurement

For more informations, contact: infos@saabupgrade.com