Specialized upgrades in Trionic 7

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Since 2008 that i'm dedicated (in exclusive) to remapping petrol SAAB engines with the Trionic 7 engine management system.
There are 2 options for remapping, on your ECU (live mapping) or you can buy a set (ECU + map), receive the ECU by postal service and simple swap your ECU.

All remaps are based on the latest original SAAB maps available.

I already have a very big portfolio of happy SAABers, over the last 13 years i have done more than 200 remaps, done in several countrys like: Portugal, England, Finland, Japan, Hong-Kong, etc...

Some examples:
Engine ModelTurboStock PowerRemapped power
B205EGarret GT17150cv / 240Nm230cv / 340Nm
B205RMitsubishi TD04205cv / 280Nm250cv / 370Nm
B235EGarret GT17185cv / 280Nm230cv / 360Nm
B235RMitsubishi TD04230cv / 350Nm275cv / 400Nm
(No hardware modifications are required at this stage.)

Since these are petrol engines, there isn't any fuel average improvement. However, keeping the same driving style, the fuel average will remain the same.

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For more informations, contact me via: infos@saabupgrade.com